Art Success Continues

Pauline Gough is one of our most successful members and recently she was presented with an opportunity to take her work south for a very successful in-home exhibition.

Pauline explains how it came about:

"One day about 3 months ago,  a lovely lady visited my studio, saying she'd seen my work in the Commercial Hotel.  Her husband turned up in his "Tour of NZ" car a little later and they bought 3 paintings and told me they wished they could take all my paintings down to Picton.  

About 15 minutes after they left I got a phone call from Peter asking if I actually would like to have an exhibition in their home in Picton to which I replied "That sounds wonderful"....

At the end of August I was invited to have an exhibition in Picton in the home of Peter Yarrell, race director of "Tour of New Zealand",  a bike ride/race that runs the length of NZ.  Peter Yarrell and his wife, Jill, kindly put my husband and me up for 4 nights and put on a fantastic exhibition night, inviting about 70 people.  Here I displayed the 50 paintings I'd put into the back of our car (removing the back seat in order to fit them all!)  I'm happy to say the night was a success and I managed to sell 23 paintings!  All in all a very enjoyable experience we hope to repeat in the future."

But the benefits of this for Pauline did not stop there.  

To read more on this story visit the Kaipara Lifestyler article about this incredible adventure.

 Lonely Boat by Pauline Gough

Lonely Boat by Pauline Gough