Join Us


   The annual membership fee is $30 for an individual and $45 for a family. 

   Our memberships are now renewed on the anniversary of the month you join so you get a full year’s membership no matter what time of year you join.  

Member Benefits

  • Being a member of an enthusiastic group of local artists

  • Participating in member exhibitions at the Muddy Waters Gallery*

  • Displaying artworks for sale in the Muddy Waters Gallery treasure trove*

  • Booking a space at the Muddy Waters Gallery for an exhibition of your artwork**

  • Participating in Acoustic Music evenings

  • Receiving regular newsletters about events and happenings

  • Being invited to Exhibition openings at Muddy Waters Gallery

  • Attending member only events and workshops

  • Links from Dargaville Arts Association Inc. website to your own website

*  A commission is added to your asking price to cover the Gallery running costs.  

**  A per room rental fee is charged in advance of your exhibition to cover the Gallery running costs and no commission is added to your asking price.


   Call into the Muddy Waters Gallery at 43 Hokianga Road, Dargaville, or email us at